Upright Communications Welcomes RJ Horning

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Upright is pleased to announce the addition of RJ Horning to our team of website development specialists. As the newest member of the Upright team, RJ brings extensive marketing agency experience and ecommerce development expertise. He is highly qualified as a Full Stack Senior Developer, experienced in both front end and back end development. He… Read more »

Upright Communications Earns Google Partner Agency Status

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The Upright team is proud to announce our newly acquired status as a certified Google Partner Agency. Google Partners are specially qualified to provide a variety of Google related services ranging from AdWords account management to website optimization services. Extensive training is required to become a Google Partner Agency. As a Google Partner Agency, we… Read more »

What is a Wireframe

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As you dive into the exciting waters of developing a new website, you may be surprised at the number of steps presented in the website development timeline. The most successful websites are launched only after detailed information gathering, research, planning, design, and testing milestones have been met. One of the terms you’re likely to see… Read more »

6 Tips to Improve Search Engine Optimization

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One of the main reasons of having a website is so that your business, product or services can be found on the internet. Search engine optimization, SEO, is the key ingredient to making sure your website is found by those who could benefit from your business.  There are over 300 ranking factors that search engines… Read more »

What to look for in a digital marketing agency?

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Leveraging digital marketing is essential to a well-rounded marketing mix. It can be the hub, or central point, for communications to track results and engage with your customers. However, the nearly limitless potential digital marketing can offer is not easy to capitalize, even for people that do this work full time (like me!). It’s undeniably… Read more »

Upright Shares: Angel’s Rest Animal Sanctuary

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Angel’s Rest Animal Sanctuary (ARAS) is a non-profit shelter located in Amelia, OH near Cincinnati. ARAS operates as a care facility for pets that are left alone and helpless due to illness, old age or neglect. The staff lovingly rehabilitates, fosters and seeks adoption for its furry residents. Animals can be adopted on-site. The team… Read more »

Overcoming Business Blogging Block

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You know your business. You could – and do – talk about it all day long. So why is it so hard to write blog post for your business blog? Even when you do think of a topic, it can be equally hard to figure what to say in your post. We know the benefits of business… Read more »

Give Your Local Email Marketing Campaign a Boost

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Is your local email marketing campaign delivering the results you want? If not, you may be considering giving up on email as marketing strategy. Before you do that, there are things you should consider. Even as digital communication continues to evolve, email is still a widely used communications tool: According to data from Statista, by 2019, the… Read more »

5 Stats to Shake Up Your Boss’s View on B2B Digital Marketing

Posted by Jacob Meyer & filed under Blogging, National.

Marketing your business online often ends up being put on the back burner with older companies. Most of those companies have a website but, they rarely update it or utilize. It can be frustrating if your company’s struggling to generate new leads and not using every tool available. Here are 5 stats that can help… Read more »