As people turn to smartphones that have ever-increasing capabilities, mobile marketing has become a staple for successful digital campaigns. Now more than ever, Google search prefers mobile-friendly websites, giving them the best rankings. Our business demands that we keep up to date with the latest developments in mobile marketing; and here, we teach our readers how to make a great impression on any device.

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Google’s Mobile-First Indexing – 5 Things You Should Know

Posted by Erin Meyer & filed under Mobile Marketing.

Mobile-first indexing was announced by Google in 2016. Since that time there have been a number of developments and updates. What is Mobile-First Indexing? According to Google Developers, mobile-first indexing means: “Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking. … Since the majority of users now access Google Search with… Read more »

Your Website’s Mobile Speed Is Very Important

Posted by Colleen Frye & filed under Mobile Marketing.

Google has just revealed that the Speed Update, previously made public in January of this year, is rolling out for all users as of this week. While page speed has been a large ranking factor on desktops for quite a while, this is officially the first time it will have an actual  impact on mobile… Read more »

Small Business Mobile Apps: What You Need to Consider

Posted by Colleen Frye & filed under Mobile Marketing, Small Business Focus.

A new survey reveals some interesting findings about small business mobile app trends. According to 2017 survey done by Clutch, the development of mobile apps has become a bigger priority for small businesses. This is not surprising considering that smart phones are now the primary source of information and communication for an ever-broadening range of… Read more »

3 Reasons Why Mobile-Friendly Websites Help Local Business

Posted by Erin Meyer & filed under Mobile Marketing, Website Design.

Mobile search has become the preferred way people look for things on online. In May of last year, Google confirmed that mobile search queries officially surpassed desktop searches. Responsive design mobile-friendly websites have become essential for being competitive in the online marketplace. Businesses with websites that do not display correctly on a smart device will not… Read more »

Two Resources for Mobile Optimization

Posted by Erin Meyer & filed under Mobile Marketing, Search Engine Marketing.

The significance of mobile friendly search has been an SEO focal point for awhile now, and the importance of this trend seems only to be getting stronger. As we recently reported, 57% of users are accessing search engines using a mobile device, and a quarter of U.S. users report using only their mobile devices for online search. Google… Read more »

Keeping Up With the Joneses – Mobile Marketing

Posted by Colleen Frye & filed under Mobile Marketing.

Did you know that 57% of users are using their mobile devices to search the internet each and every day? In fact, 90% of American adults own a cellphone or other type of mobile device, but only 75% of adults have a computer to access the internet making a cell phone the perfect way to… Read more »

PSA: Don’t Stop Updating Your Website for Mobile

Posted by Jacob Meyer & filed under Mobile Marketing.

At the risk of sounding redundant, improving mobile experience should still be at the forefront of website development. At Upright we’ve seen many of our clients percentage of mobile visitors rise and rise over the past few years just as we expected. However, we are still surprised that this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing… Read more »

Google Launches Accelerated Mobile Pages

Posted by Erin Meyer & filed under Mobile Marketing, Tech News.

Google has launched its latest initiative in moving toward an increasingly mobile-centric internet – Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). The Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, announced last October, is an open source initiative that focuses on dramatically improving the performance of the mobile web.  The objective is to have web pages with rich content such as video,… Read more »

Mobile Search – Google Goes Light for Slow Connections

Posted by Erin Meyer & filed under Mobile Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Website Design.

As mobile search becomes more widely used, Google is giving it more attention. They recently announced an upcoming expansion of the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal, and have also begun to tailor search results based on app usage with app indexing. While advancements in search technology have kept Google in the top position, the search… Read more »