How to Determine If A ‘Free Audit’ Email Is Accurate

Posted by Colleen Frye & filed under Digital Marketing, Local.

This is something we address regularly with our clients. It can be tough for folks to determine if a no-obligation audit email is actually legitimate. Do you know how to tell if an audit email that you received is spam or not? Every month, we receive a forwarded email from our clients that says something… Read more »

How to Remove a Review on Google

Posted by Jenn Johnson & filed under Local, Reputation Management.

There has been a time or two when someone wrote a review on a listing that is clearly not at the right business. You may be really worried about the negative review and your first instinct may be to remove the review. We really hate to be the ones to tell you this but you… Read more »

Small Business Mobile Apps: What You Need to Consider

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A new survey reveals some interesting findings about small business mobile app trends. According to 2017 survey done by Clutch, the development of mobile apps has become a bigger priority for small businesses. This is not surprising considering that smart phones are now the primary source of information and communication for an ever-broadening range of… Read more »

Google Developers – Job Postings for Search

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As business owners & managers, you can appreciate it when we say, ‘It can be really hard to find a great, new hire’. Whether you’re hiring for your company regularly or you’re seeking new hires every couple years, it can be an arduous process. Our clients often contact us to help them cast a larger… Read more »

Google My Business – New Post Rollout

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Google My Business has rolled out a new feature to several accounts where you can post news, events, savings, etc. publically to your business listing. If you received an email from Google inviting you to the program, you’re eligible to start posting right away. We performed a test for a client we saw the new Google… Read more »

How Valuable Are Keywords In Domain URL?

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For years, SEO enthusiasts have been trying to understand if there was a SEO value of having keywords in your domain URL. Despite this being up for debate, it’s certainly clear that a page’s URL can fill a number of important roles. Just think, when you search for something in Google, they show you the… Read more »

Google Insights You Might Be Missing

Posted by Jenn Johnson & filed under Local, Local Search.

Google My Business listing information is like online gold. It’s helpful for potential customers to find your listing on Google and it’s helpful for business owners to know helpful listing data. It’s basically a win-win situation! Before we dig into the online gold that Google My Business listing data has to offer, we have to… Read more »

Google’s Quality Raters

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Who would have thought that Google would actually use real humans to improve search results!? Google is using a new way to better identify content that is potentially offensive or upsetting to searchers. The goal of this is to allow for only factual, accurate & trustworthy information to show up first in search results &… Read more »