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Branded Search Results Change Again on Mobile

Just when we were getting used to the newest way in which Google displayed Google My Business (GMB) listings on mobile devices, it’s changing again. Are you ready!? 😉

Though this new update varies from business to business that we’ve tested and researched, there is a definite look to it that’s noted across the board.

First, you’ll see a bar across the top that has Posts, Reviews, About (other GMB listing features) & it stays with you as you scroll down the page, regardless of how far you go down. Even when you reach organic results, you’ll still be able to access the GMB bar at the top.

Secondly, you’ll see that the GMB listing mixes all sorts of results! Just check out the blended results for Upright Communications, all while staying under the GMB listing until you see the organic results that starts at (pretty far down). You’ll see that it’s super hard to tell what’s what.

Yup… you’re still on the GMB listing…

Ah and now you’ve reached the organic results! But check out that bar across the top that’s staying there proudly.

What do you think of the new look? Is Google up to something? It’s clear to us that Google is REALLY encouraging folks to utilize Google My Business results, but when does it get to be too cluttered and just too much? Or maybe you prefer this new look!?

Let us know what you think! We’re anxiously awaiting how we’ll see this update evolve over time, but for now, the Upright team has mixed emotions and responses involving this new look! (That’s how everyone was when I dyed my hair color last year! We eventually come around!)