Don’t Forget the Meta!

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A site without a Meta description is only halfway optimized. In fact, each page needs a Meta description, so don’t just focus on the homepage. The Meta descriptions are HTML tags that provide a short explanation of the contents on the web page.  Meta descriptions are used on search engine results pages, SERPs, to display… Read more »

Does Your E-mail Marketing Smell Like Spam?

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Here is the deal…spam can be compared to smelly, rotten trash. No one likes it and no one wants to deal with it. Marketers around the globe all face the same problem, to NOT be like or look like spam! All marketing wizards want to reach their target audience and doing so by one very… Read more »

Associated Press Stylebook – A to Z Unexpected Rules

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The Associated Press Stylebook is the book to reference for many writing professionals. The first AP Stylebook only had 60 pages and was bound with staples. Today, the book has grown to over 450 pages of writing ‘rules’ to follow and can be found in paperback or electronic version.  The stylebook covers the basic rules… Read more »

A Clue on Reviews!

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We live in a world where people depend more and more on resources found on the internet. Looking for a new restaurant around town? Google “restaurant” to see what pops up. Will you try the restaurant that has bad reviews about a dirty kitchen or try the restaurant that has great reviews about the service?… Read more »

We Would Have Sent You a Pizza!

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People want good customer service, its true! When choosing an establishment to do business with, we expect good customer service. When good customer service happens, we are grateful and thankful for the employee who went above and beyond their call of duty. As they say, “happy customers are a result of happy employees.” We have… Read more »