Small Business Owners, Huddle Around!

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There’s nothing hiding the fact that small business owners have to work extra hard to compete with the big box retailers. Now more than ever, we’ve been reminded that shopping at a local business is the best way and it totally supports our economy, provides jobs and a ton of other awesome things. It’s key… Read more »

Social Media for Local Business Strategies

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A handful of small businesses often say they don’t have time to manage social media, or they believe social media for local business is not totally needed. We say it’s important to make time and it’s certainly needed. Social media has grown over the years and proven itself to be a necessity for local business… Read more »

Major Key to Lead Generation

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Each business should have a sales funnel and a strategy to make more money. It’s common for the most obvious strategy in a business to be overlooked or to be outdated. The sales funnel and goals will help your business stay on track and help your business thrive. Don’t forget to visit your sales funnel… Read more »

Reviews = Rankings

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Search engine optimization practitioners theorize each day what search engines use as ranking leverage. There are about 200 factors that search engines take in to consideration and none of these factors are on public display. It’s the SEO practitioner’s job to assess each site and do their best to follow best practices to help their… Read more »

How to Secure Your Facebook Page

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We’ve all seen the posts that say, ‘If I sent you a message don’t click on it… it’s spam.’ Since business pages are attached to personal Facebook pages, we will want to take some extra steps in securing your Facebook profiles> Don’t be alarmed, typically hackers that hack Facebook pages are trying to gather some… Read more »

Don’t Forget About Your Competitors

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Once every six months our account managers will take a gander and see what competitors are doing with their online marketing efforts. This isn’t to copy them or ‘steal’ their strategies but to be totally aware of what the competition is up to. If you ignore your competition entirely, you may be missing out on… Read more »

Mobilegeddon is Still Here

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About a year ago Google released a mobile algorithm that would penalize website if they didn’t have a mobile responsive site.  It’s fitting to have a reminder about the importance of a mobile friendly site, even a year later. Although, most website templates are responsive, it’s still super important to make sure and test before… Read more »

How to Gain Business Reviews

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Gaining business reviews is incredibly helpful for gaining more business. Of course, you’ll want to get all the positive reviews that you can. Reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Bing, etc., are helpful for when a potential customer is shopping around and stumbles upon your business online. A glowing amount of reviews will instill their trust… Read more »

Does Facebook have SEO Leverage?

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Yes! Small medium business owners (and SEO professionals) everywhere are celebrating this new development. Finally, Facebook postings and videos now populate in Google. This is a really big, groundbreaking development for SEO and business owners. For the longest time the only social media platforms that offered some sort of SEO leverage were YouTube and Google… Read more »

Cyber Security for Small Business

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Do you have a password that is easy to remember but you think is creative enough that it won’t get cracked? Think again. Small business owners have a lot of passwords to keep track of and we encourage you to choose a password that is creative and easy to guess. Hackers are getting more and… Read more »