Creating Effective Content – Think Like Your Customer

Posted by Jacob Meyer & filed under Content Development.

One of the greatest resources for a website is great content. It can continually pull in new visitors over time, earn links, build relationships, and educate website visitor.  Therefore it is essential to take a little time and think like your customer.  You need to create content that engages and inspires your customer. Get in… Read more »

What to look for in a digital marketing agency?

Posted by Jacob Meyer & filed under Digital Marketing.

Leveraging digital marketing is essential to a well-rounded marketing mix. It can be the hub, or central point, for communications to track results and engage with your customers. However, the nearly limitless potential digital marketing can offer is not easy to capitalize, even for people that do this work full time (like me!). It’s undeniably… Read more »

Marketing automation is such a buzz word, but is it really useful?

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The biggest problem facing everyone today is time management. Every app, innovation, and “paradigm shift in synergy” results in the same thing… more time to do other things. This doesn’t always make life easier, sometimes it opens up the door for more responsibilities or creates unexpected outcomes. One Netflix employee even eliminated her own job she… Read more »

Email Automation for Beginners

Posted by Jacob Meyer & filed under Digital Marketing.

Email automation, marketing workflows, drip campaigns or whatever you want to call it are all the same basic thing. They are automatically sent, personalized, and tracked emails shared with your customers or leads. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the options and implementation of these programs and the services that tout it can be… Read more »

How does SEO fit into an overall marketing strategy?

Posted by Jacob Meyer & filed under Search Engine Marketing.

It’s not easy for every business to grasp. Your website and your competitor’s website are nothing like billboards or TV ads that invade your life. Websites put your customer in control and when they’re done, one click and your website is gone. It can make online marketing difficult to grasp and easy to undervalue.  So,… Read more »

Getting a Handle on Surveys for Small Businesses

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Is it really that difficult to start and implement? Most businesses have a pretty good handle on what their customers are saying about their product. However, it’s often what customers are not saying at checkout or during the sales process that could make a huge difference.  If you don’t ask you’ll never know and if… Read more »

Local Keyword Ranking Reports – What they are and what they’re not.

Posted by Jacob Meyer & filed under Local Search Focus, Search Engine Marketing.

In online marketing, certain reports become a point of fixation for marketers and business owners alike. Keyword Ranking reports are one of those reports that tend to look extremely valuable, but actually tend to leave out a lot information.  If you’re unfamiliar with ranking reports, they are snapshots of how your website is appearing in… Read more »

Creating Emails that Engage

Posted by Jacob Meyer & filed under Digital Marketing.

When thinking about email marketing and your business, the whole task can be daunting.  I would always recommend that you stay focused on the key aspect, engagement. No matter what you’re selling, educating or sharing with your subscribers you want them to engage. So I have put together some simple best practices to help consistently… Read more »