Verify Your Business in Google Places & Bing Local Business Center

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Every business– from local start-ups to international corporations– benefits when they claim their location profiles in the Top 3 search engines’ local listing centers. The Top 3 local listing centers are: Google Places (formerly Google Maps) Bing Business Portal (formerly Bing Local) Yahoo! Local Listing Center The larger your business and the longer it’s been… Read more »

Google Business Profiles to Become Un-Free?

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Eyebrows are raised. The sheer timing of recent changes to Google Places (reported here) and the introduction of Google+ (reported here) is suspect.  Google strips a considerable amount of information from Places profiles in the same month as they release Google+, which enables rich social interactions for users.  A coincidence? Local Search experts are reading… Read more »

Google+ (A New Social Platform)

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Google+ is a new social platform which many see as Google’s answer to Facebook. There are several components to the free product, launching now and over the next several months: 1) CLICK TO SHARE The first feature (available now to all Google users) is the ability to “+1” Google search results. Enable this feature, and… Read more »

Tuesday Tip: Get A FASTER Website

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Loading…loading…………loading………………………….. Do you dream of a faster website for your business? A fast-loading website: – Earns better rankings in Google (Announcement from Google) – Earns better ad placement when using Google Adwords paid advertising – Improves satisfaction in site visitors (They get the info they need faster!) – Increases the number of pages one visitor… Read more »

Multiple Domains? No Problem – We Can Help

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One of our most popular blog entries ever discusses concerns while optimizing multiple domains. Well the truth is, a lot of companies have multiple domains (URLs) to serve different portions of their business.  And this is great! Upright has 15 years experience in helping clients with multiple business sites.  Yes there are concerns, such as… Read more »

Googlers Happier with Bing-Yahoo Results?

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Various reports released in March 2011 state that the search engine Bing has surpassed partner Yahoo in percentage share of US searches. (As previously reported by this blog, Yahoo now displays Bing’s results for searches, hence the term “partner”.) Never one to believe rumors, we turned to the official comScore report to give us the… Read more »