WhatsApp Business: Android Release

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image courtesy WhatsApp WhatsApp Messenger is a globally popular mobile app with over 1.3 billion active monthly users. This free app allows users to send multimedia, make free calls, message internationally, and chat in groups. WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, both former employees of Yahoo!. In countries such as… Read more »

Upright Shares: Angel’s Rest Animal Sanctuary

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Angel’s Rest Animal Sanctuary (ARAS) is a non-profit shelter located in Amelia, OH near Cincinnati. ARAS operates as a care facility for pets that are left alone and helpless due to illness, old age or neglect. The staff lovingly rehabilitates, fosters and seeks adoption for its furry residents. Animals can be adopted on-site. The team… Read more »

Digital Transformation: Finding Joy in Continuous Change

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Digital transformation – the phrase on the tip of every tongue. It is a term to describe the massive shift in business activities caused by adopting digital technologies. A popular buzzword since 2014, the phrase “digital transformation” itself is confusing. Let us start by clearing misinformation. Digital transformation is more easily understood as a passive phenomenon…. Read more »

Win Customers in a Micro-Moment

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Smartphones have massively changed the way we use the Internet. Our smartphones are nearly an appendage, and we turn to them compulsively in fleeting moments. Late-night searches for “pizza near me” are nothing new. What is new is the complexity of business transactions taking place from smartphones. Indeed, there are billions of dollars to be… Read more »

Ouch! 2013 Traffic Bleeds 22% for Internet Yellowpages (IYP) Websites

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Remember sites like Yellowpages.com and Mapquest, before you Googled everything? Internet Yellowpages (IYPs) are “business search engines” that categorize businesses by type.  Users search by biz name or type, and then see basic results showing phone number, website URL and physical address.  In the Internet’s formative years, people turned to these websites as an alternative to… Read more »

Upright Attends Cut & Paste Design Competition

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The first Cut&Paste digital design competitionwas held in New York City in 2005. It has grown massively since. Today, preliminary rounds are held in each of 12 cities worldwide — with winners competing in the Global Championship in NYC each year. This past Saturday, I was in attendance for the Los Angeles qualifying round of… Read more »

Block Yourself from Time-Wasting Websites!

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Time-wasting websites suck the life out of your work day. I speak from experience! There are two websites that I visit almost compulsively– both are news sources that make me feel wayyyy out of the loop if I don’t check them several times a day. Nonsense. Visiting non-work websites wastes productivity. Also, reading too much… Read more »

comScore Search Website Trends, February 2010

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Last month comScore, an online market research group, published fascinating trends in what it calls expanded search usage. Expanded search refers to websites (including but not limited to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing) on which searches are performed.  The chart below will help you understand this definition more fully.  The purpose of this… Read more »

Donate to Relief Efforts in Haiti

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In the wake of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that devastated Haiti Tuesday, the US State Department advises that immediate aid should be in donation form.  Travel to Haiti (especially its ravaged capital, Port-au-Prince) is very difficult, so it’s best to donate to groups that are already on the ground working in the region.  Even $5… Read more »

Upright Named Among Cincinnati’s “Top 10 in Web Design”

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On September 11, 2009 Cincinnati Business Courier named Upright Communications one of the Top 10 Web Design Firms in Cincinnati. We are very excited to be among such talented designers, and it’s especially cool because web design is only one portion of Upright’s full Internet marketing program.  This is a great time to thank our… Read more »